99% improvement in reading accuracy thanks to local charity

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99% of the local Berkshire children who benefit from a one-to-one ABC to Read mentor have improved in their reading accuracy. The result comes from the charity’s most recent annual report, which also highlights that 99% of the youngsters working with them have improved in their confidence in reading and 98% have enhanced their comprehension.

ABC to Read works with primary school children who have been identified by their schools as struggling most with their reading, with many of the schools assigning their pupil premium to provide an ABC to Read mentor. The charity’s model of assigning a volunteer to work with children on a one-to-one basis is achieving excellent results and leaving teachers and children alike thrilled with their progress.

Marcia Rowlinson, ABC to Read CEO, said: “In our 15th year, I am thrilled to see such positive reports from the schools we work with. These incredible results are testament to the life-changing impact that one-to-one mentoring can have on our youngsters’ futures and I’m honoured to be a part of that.”

The benefits of good reading and comprehension extend beyond the classroom, demonstrated by the 98% of respondents who said their children’s general self-confidence and self-esteem had increased thanks to the time spent with their ABC to Read mentor. Teachers commented:

“It has been incredible! A very reluctant reader has been transformed. A huge improvement in all areas.”

“The child’s fluency has improved so much! He is much more accurate when reading and this has had a great knock on effect with everything.”

ABC to Read works very closely with schools to ensure that the time children spend with a volunteer mentor complements their work in the rest of their school life and is designed around their specific needs. The annual statistics demonstrate that, as a result of this personalised model, children’s reading levels and general confidence can be significantly increased.

There are still spaces available for any new volunteers to take part in training and for schools to sign up to the scheme. For more information about training days or joining the scheme as a school or volunteer mentor, contact: abctoread@btconnect.com