Berkshire charity report 97% increase in reading performance

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Berkshire charity ABC to Read has released their annual statistics for 2014/2015, reporting an impressive 97% improvement in reading performance in the primary school children they work with.

Among other figures, the charity reports a 95% improvement in reading confidence and a 93% improvement in children’s attitude towards reading. Of the 196 children evaluated, an impressive 86% recorded that the children who had benefited from an ABC to Read volunteer mentor showed improvement in their overall achievement, 39% of whom showed significant improvement.

ABC to Read works very closely with schools to ensure that the time children spend with a volunteer mentor complements their work in the rest of their school life. By working to this model, the results on the children’s reading levels are quite remarkable.

One school commended the style of the ABC to Read mentor: “The volunteer has shown an understanding of all our children he has worked with, developing a good sound relationship.”

Another report commented: “The progress [the pupil] has made is no doubt attributed to his ABC volunteer.”

Others remarked that the resulting improvement in the child’s reading also made an impact on their overall language skills: “The child’s English has improved over the year. The pronunciation of words when she is reading has improved, which I think ABC has contributed to.”

The primary school children selected to work with an ABC to Read mentor are identified by the schools as those children who are struggling with their reading and would benefit most from one-to-one support.

Marcia Rowlinson, ABC to Read Chief Operating and Development Officer, said: “Most notably this year, we have received multiple reports of increased comprehension in the children we have worked with. Increased language skills have such a broad impact and we are thankful to our volunteers who have given our local children new hope for their futures as a result of their improved reading.”

There are still spaces available for any new volunteers to take part in training on 16 and 23 November. For more information about training days or joining the scheme as a school, contact: abctoread@btconnect.com