Name of School:
Name of School Representative:        Role:   
 Name of ABC to read Volunteer:
 Name of ABC to read Fieldworker:

The ABC to read Volunteer agrees:  

  • To attend school regularly and to inform the school promptly if it is not possible to visit on any occasion.
  • To give a minimum commitment of two sessions per week, each of approximately two hours, for a school year, unless unforeseeable circumstances prevent this.
  • To help the same 3 children individually on each visit, unless the school deems a change necessary.
  • To follow all ABC to read and school policies and procedures relating to children.
  • To respond positively to invitations to appropriate safeguarding refresher training held for staff and other volunteers at the school.
  • To complete a staff disqualification certificate if asked to do so by school
  • To treat as confidential all matters that come to their attention in school and to respect the privacy of the children, except where safeguarding issues are concerned, when proper reporting procedures should be followed.
  • To meet and/or communicate regularly with staff to discuss progress.
  • To give the longest possible notice to the school and to ABC to read when unable to continue.
  • Present the ABC to read certificate to the children at the end of their support

Signature of Volunteer:                                                               Date:


The Headteacher (or the Headteacher’s Representative) agrees:

  • To make an annual financial contribution, as set by the trustees of ABC to read, towards the work of recruitment, funding and support of ABC to read volunteers.
  • To provide an appropriate place for ABC to read volunteers to work.
  • To encourage staff to discuss the progress of the children with the volunteers.
  • To keep the ABC to read volunteer informed of relevant school matters, including school closures and class trips, especially to avoid wasted journeys to the school.
  • To invite the ABC to read volunteer to appropriate safeguarding refresher training held for staff and other volunteers at the school.
  • To participate in the annual evaluation of the service.

Signed, for School:                                                                     Date:


ABC to read agrees:

  • To recruit, interview and train volunteers, including initial safeguarding training.
  • To place volunteers in school having received satisfactory references and a satisfactory Disclosure & Barring Service enhanced disclosure with barring checks.
  • To provide all appropriate follow-up support.
  • To act as a mediator, if necessary, for the volunteer and the school.
  • To provide a box of books and games for the use of the children of ABC to read volunteers.
  • To replace, as quickly as reasonably possible, any ABC to read volunteers who leave.

Signed, for ABC to read:                                                            Date: