School Evaluations

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Of the responses given by schools:

  • 99% of children improved in their attitude to reading – of this figure 39% made an ‘excellent’ improvement
  • 98% of the children improved in reading accuracy – of this figure 22% made an ‘excellent’ improvement
  • 96% of the children improved in reading comprehension – of this figure 20% made an ‘excellent’ improvement
  • 93% of children’s general self-confidence and self-esteem increased – of this figure 29% made an ‘excellent’ improvement
  • 97% said that the sessions with their ABC to read volunteer were ‘ok’ or better – of this figure 93% said they were ‘Great’
  • 85% showed an increase in the children’s reading levels – of this figure 25% increased their reading age by 12 months or more

Below are listed other areas in which children have benefited from the support of ABC to read volunteers. Where the additional factors below were considered to be an issue, these are the percentage of children who have shown an improvement:

Confidence in reading 97%
General attitude 97%
Communication with peers 83%
Communication with adults 88%
Written Communication 85%
Ability to concentrate 91%
Overall level of attendance 99%

Reading with the lady makes me feel proud. I can read so much better now. I think I’m nearly ready to stop reading to let someone else have a go

The child does not read at home so having someone to read to in class has made a big impact on her reading. Her enthusiasm and engagement has been a big step for a child who thought she couldn’t read and was not interested in it before

I love going reading with [volunteer]. She is always nice and helps me with tricky words

I love reading with my volunteer because he is so much fun. We play lots of games and he reads to me as well. We love reading the jokes together!

I feel happy when I go to read with [volunteer]. He is nice because he gives me time to read lots of things and also jokes

The intervention has really suited the child – she thrives when given 1.1 attention and it has been a real advantage to her to have regular and significant time to read and interact with an adult

The volunteer has been fantastic at communicating with us directly. This is something that all teachers would benefit from having

The child has developed his reading fluency and ability to decode. He has begun to show more understanding in discussions about books and has become more vocal in class discussions

The child finds it difficult to trust some adults and having some one on one time with an adult to focus on her reading and playing games has made her more trusting and confident. All areas have developed, her decoding, blending, fluency, expression and comprehension are all much stronger

The child used to find reading a chore but she now reads with great enjoyment. Her ability and fluency has shown great improvement

When it is time to read with my volunteer I feel very happy and almost skip there. It’s fun and she is very kind

Having an ABC volunteer has been a massive contributor to the child’s success. Her attitude towards reading was always quite negative but the volunteer has exposed her to a breadth of texts that have been age appropriate

The child does not have the opportunity to read at home. The time spent reading has really helped to extend her vocabulary and to think in more depth about what she has read. It has been really important that this child has had the chance to discuss what she is reading and to share and discuss her thoughts with an adult

Our volunteer has a wonderful way with our children and really cares about their progress and well-being. She has been fantastic at checking in with me to see how they are doing. Moving up book bands this year has been a fantastic result

Wow what a difference – our child did not want to go and read and had a poor attitude to reading. Now she is reading lots of books with our volunteer!


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