September Resolutions

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Forget January 1st. September is quickly overtaking New Year as the time to make a fresh start and think about resolutions. With the academic year just kicking off, cooler days incoming and a cozy run up to Christmas, this is the perfect time to embed a habit that will set you in good stead for those post-Christmas blues and beyond.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, doing good brings a sense of belonging, keeps things in perspective and even reduces stress.* Altruism is physiologically designed to make us feel good and volunteering is a great way of giving back, especially to your local community.

Local reading charity ABC to Read are looking for volunteers to work one-to-one with primary school children to support them with their reading, encouraging them to enjoy stories and love the adventures that are on offer through words on a page. The charity’s model of using trained volunteer mentors is gaining excellent results with 99% of those surveyed in their latest annual report confirming an improvement in their children’s attitudes to reading, 98% demonstrating improvement in reading accuracy and 96% showing improvement in reading comprehension.

This academic year, ABC to Read have more schools requiring their help than ever before, resulting in a need for over 50 new volunteers across the county.

Marcia Rowlinson, ABC to Read CEO, said: “While I’m thrilled that so many more children are receiving the support and encouragement they need with their reading, this increased demand also requires more volunteers. The impact we have on local youngsters is phenomenal and I’d love to be able to tell more schools that we can provide the help their children need because more volunteers have come forward.”

The charity also run workshops from school settings – showing parents how they can support their children at home – as well as workshops to schools’ own parent helpers, as regular and consistent reading support is unfortunately not always possible in the home.  ABC to Read are now expanding on these extended services by trialling a peer to peer support reading programme enabling students within secondary schools to work 1-1 with younger peers to improve their reading skills and attitude.

According to the latest statistics, 25% of primary school children across England left primary school not meeting the expected levels in reading last year (2017-18). This can have a devastating effect on those children’s futures leading to all sorts of problems in secondary education and beyond. With more volunteers, ABC to Read can continue to tackle this comprehension crisis and support more primary school children.

Make your September Resolution start today and inspire the next generation to love reading.