Top Tips for a new school year

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This month, thousands of children across the country have started a new school year. Many of them will be struggling with their reading which makes a heavy impact on their level of literacy. Local charity ABC to Read is tackling this issue by offering one-to-one support, boosting children’s enjoyment of reading and raising the standard of our local literacy.

ABC to Read have been working with volunteers for over 10 years, mentoring youngsters who are struggling with their reading. Reading is a core skill that defines future prospects and the support that ABC to Read volunteer mentors provide for the children they work with has resulted in tangible improvements in the children’s attitudes towards reading. In the charity’s annual statistics for 2013/2014, they reported a remarkable 97% improvement in reading confidence with the primary school children they work with.

As volunteer mentors begin to meet with new primary school children this term, ABC to Read Chief Operating and Development Officer, Marcia Rowlinson, offers some hints and tips to help parents encourage their children to become successful readers:

“Our work doesn’t stop at the school gates. We want to encourage parents to continue supporting their children’s reading at home. These tips are just the starting point, to show parents that their actions and encouragement carry real influence in their children’s futures!”

  • Talk and listen to your child
  • Sing and say nursery rhymes to your pre-school child
  • Play word games and listening games
  • Praise and encourage your child – avoid negative remarks
  • Read to your child from an early age and make it a fun/cosy experience
  • Keep reading to your child, even when they can read!
  • Hear your child read when they begin to learn at school, but make it fun, not a chore
  • Be a role model – read in front of your child
  • Join the local library
  • Point out words/letters around you
  • Try not to compare your child with siblings or peers

ABC to Read is actively looking for new schools and volunteers to benefit from the scheme. For more information or to book onto the next training course, please visit www.abctoread.org.uk or email abctoread@btconnect.com