ABC to read is managed by a board of trustees with a range of experience in management, education and volunteering in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Trustees work in a voluntary capacity.

Recruitment of Trustees

Good recruitment and selection underpins the commitment of ABC read to Equal Opportunities. Recruitment of new trustees may occur when a vacancy has arisen as the result of a resignation or if existing trustees decide that one or more new trustees with specific skills are needed to help run the charity more effectively.

Recruitment of trustees will adhere to all current legislation regarding equality and diversity.

The trustees consider the best methods of attracting a diverse range of candidates with the skills the charity needs. This may include advertising through local volunteer bureaus and relevant websites.  The advert will also be sent to current volunteers and supporters of the charity.  Internal candidates, including current volunteers, will apply for a post in the same way as external candidates.

Dealing with responses

Prospective candidates will be asked to respond to the Chair in the first instance to discuss the scope of the role and, if still interested, will be invited to meet the Chair and other trustees.  Any further information about the charity which is in the public domain can be provided at this stage of this process.

Short-listing and interviews will take place against agreed criteria. Interviews will be carried out by a small panel of trustees, and each candidate will be asked similar questions to ensure a fair and objective approach. Notes will be kept of each interview.

Candidates who have been selected will then be invited to attend a trustee meeting as an observer.  This will be followed up by a further discussion with the Chair, CEO and other trustees, as required, to agree and confirm that the candidate should be appointed as a trustee.

Vetting of Trustees

The CEO will check that the candidate has not been disqualified from acting as a trustee.  The candidate will be asked to complete and sign a Trustee Declaration Form to confirm in writing that this is the case.  This will also cover any existing or potential conflicts of interest.

An enhanced DBS check will be carried out.  Two references from people who have recent knowledge of the applicant’s work (paid or voluntary) will be requested.

In the light of the checks and declarations, the trustees will decide whether to go ahead with the appointment and if so will formalise the appointment of new trustee.

Making the Appointment

The Chair will write to the prospective trustees, setting out their duties and the charity’s expectations of them.

The trustee will be asked to attend, and participate in, the next suitable ABC to read training course.

For the roles of Treasurer and Chair a period of working alongside the current post holder will be required (wherever possible).

The trustee will be provided with a Trustee handbook containing relevant and up-to-date information about the charity and the responsibilities of being a trustee.  The trustee will also be offered opportunities to attend local external training courses provided for new trustees.