Meadow Park Academy

Jasmeena has really benefited from ABC to read and has really liked talking to the ABC to read volunteer about things that are important to her. They have built up a good relationship which the child will treasure.

Both reading and writing levels have improved. More confident in answering questions in class. Mrs S. also makes it fun for them and the children enjoy being with her.

Sue-Eve has really enjoyed her sessions with ABC to read. She feels that the sessions have been fun and great and she likes talking to the teacher. She feels confident to read in front of the teacher and in front of other children.

This has been a HUGE success. Darren has now joined a library and is starting to read for pleasure for the first time. Our ABC person has been exceptional.

Valerie is enthusiastic about the sessions. She is kind and caring towards the children. She always reports back about the children after each session.

John has been an innovative, inspiring, patient and encouraging volunteer. Both children have enjoyed the experience and always come back smiling.

Kevan’s parents are illiterate so he received little, if any, help from home with reading. He has greatly benefited from the individual attention he has received. Thank you.

Meghan really benefits from having time 1-1 with an adult, so I think her confidence and enjoyment of reading has improved.

It has been great to hear about all of the lovely books she has read and activities she has done. Her confidence is blooming!

Jo has made significant improvements in her reading and her general confidence and self esteem have also grown tremendously – fantastic!

Violeta has made massive progress in her reading and has gained more confidence overall. Her communication has vastly improved as she has learnt the language.

I feel that the time and effort ABC give to each child they read with is excellent and much needed for children who need extra support.

Alana has been enthusiastic about meeting to read each week, it has been a great confidence boost for her.

Stella particularly enjoyed opportunity to talk about her reading and share her own ideas.

The sessions dramatically improved the child’s confidence – particularly when preparing for summer production.

Oxford Road Primary

Pat was brilliant with the child. She found out his interests and used them creatively to motivate him.

The Ridgeway Primary School

Gaston has improved in his reading confidence and has increased his ability especially in applying the skills taught

Kalil’s reading confidence and ability has progressed a lot, now a confident and more accurate reader.

Comments from Jennifer – “She’s helped me with splitting words up and getting more right – she’s really helped me improve and I’m more confident now”

Connor’s reading confidence attitude and his participation has improved greatly.

Boyne Hill Infants

Elsie benefitted hugely from the 1:1 attention and her attitude generally showed improvement. Little reading done at home so she made good gains from additional reading with Janet and the attention she received.

This session has allowed Silvia to grow in confidence in her own abilities and self-esteem.

Nico was incredibly shy and has huge emotional baggage. He likes the individual time Margaret gives him that is for him alone. His confidence has risen greatly because of this.

Olga has provided a real treat each week for the child here and he really enjoys the time she puts to him. He is always keen to go and have a go.

St Mary and All Saints

All the children involved in this project have benefitted a great deal. The children are fully engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoy the sessions. They greet the volunteers enthusiastically and look forward to their turn.

Comment from the child – “I really love playing games and it’s helped me to read better”

Comment from the child – “I like playing games as well as reading. It has helped me with spelling and reading tricky words”.

New Town Primary School

Kamala looks forward to working with Janet and has gained a lot of confidence in herself. She enjoys both the reading and written work and is very proud of herself when she shows her finished work to the class.

Janet is a great person and even the other children would love to go and work with her.

Said has made a great improvement in his reading. He has also gained confidence in himself as he was a very shy boy. He has also improved his spoken vocabulary.

St Luke’s CE Primary School

I am particularly impressed with how adaptable Jenny has been to the needs of the children. It has been incredibly useful for us and beneficial for the children.

Geoffrey Field Infant School

Mina’s improvement since working with Judy is very evident and she has continued to make excellent progress after the programme too.

This child’s attention and attitude towards reading was poor beforehand but has shown much improvement since working with Judy.

St Mary’s CE Primary School, Slough

Paul has worked very enthusiastically with this child and the child has responded particularly well to the 1:1 sessions with him. He has used the sessions as an opportunity to support him in other areas of learning too eg. Literacy lessons, projects, homework etc.

Names have been changed to protect identities