IGM Computers

igm-computersIGM Computers have provided ongoing development, hosting and support for our website since 2012. They’re a family-run business offering a range of web-related services to small, medium and large businesses across the UK.

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If you do any shopping online (e.g. groceries, flights, books, household goods) then please register first at The Giving Machine and select ABC to read as one of your beneficiaries. It’s just one extra click! Since September 2011 we have raised over £400 from just 8 shoppers. All the major supermarkets, shops and online retailers participate and many smaller ones too. This is a very easy way to help us at no cost to you.

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Local Giving is a website where you can donate to your favourite charity as a Gift Aid donation.

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Giveacar is a free and easy service that allows you donate your old or unwanted vehicle to ABC to read. They can arrange to have your vehicle picked up at a time to suit you. Your car will then be scrapped in an environmentally friendly way, or sold at auction and a donation made to ABC to read based on the value of the scrap or the auction price.

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Givingabit is a free service that enables you to support a chosen charity purely by shopping online with their partner retailers. The purchase will not cost you more than you would have paid. You may even save money as you are rewarded with discount codes, daily deals, sales and promotional offers by ‘givingabit’.

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Givey makes it easy for you to give via tweet, text and online. Giving money through Givey is like giving money through online Gift Aid as you have to fill in a gift aid declaration as part of signing up.

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With UK’s first micro-donation site, you can donate even only a couple of pennies.

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logoeasy fundraising“If you’re buying something online, easyfundraising will donate a percentage of your purchase to good causes without incurring extra costs” – London Evening Standard, 14/12/11

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