All the benefits that our volunteers provide when giving their valuable time to spend reading with children.

  1. Expanding vocabulary
  2. Improving spelling
  3. Helping understanding of different cultures
  4. Helping understanding of concepts
  5. Helping to learn to communicate
  6. Helping children find common interests
  7. Fun and enjoyment
  8. Expanding imagination
  9. Helping society develop by learning from past mistakes
  10. Helping you find new places
  11. Gives children knowledge about people’s views
  12. Enables children to read ingredients
  13. Enables children to watch TV with no sound
  14. Enables children to use the internet
  15. Develops drawing skills by seeing illustrations
  16. Awareness of own feelings
  17. Awareness of others’ feelings
  18. Intrinsically linked to writing ability
  19. Enjoyment of reading directly linked to reading ability
  20. Teaches Science
  21. Teaches History
  22. Teaches Geography
  23. Teaches Design Technology
  24. Gives ideas for future aspirations
  25. Teaches hope, loyalty, fear, loss, love
  26. Encourages appreciation of life
  27. Provides escapism/refuge
  28. Teaches peacefulness and serenity
  29. Teaches patience and concentration
  30. Teaches determination
  31. Manners
  32. How to converse with adults
  33. How to ask questions
  34. How to answer questions
  35. Features of writing genres
  36. Use of words to create feeling
  37. Confidence
  38. Self-esteem
  39. Ability to read aloud
  40. Opportunities for talk
  41. Attention
  42. Experiences children may not otherwise encounter
  43. Excitement
  44. Supporting teachers, schools, communities
  45. Shaping future generations
  46. Concepts of awe, wonder and magic
  47. Understanding of self in the world
  48. Relationships/families
  49. Mathematical skills and concepts
  50. Knowledge that someone cares

Written by Abi “Supernanny of Education”, Blackberry Cottage Ltd