ABC to Read, a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) is overseen by a Board of Trustees which is responsible for directing the affairs of Assisting Berkshire Children (ABC) to read and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, meets all legal requirements upon the charity and that the interests and safeguarding of children remain paramount.


  • The Trustees must ensure that the CIO complies with charity law and with the requirements of the Charity Commission as regulator; in particular ensure that the CIO prepares reports on what it has achieved and annual returns and accounts as required by law.
  • The Trustees must ensure that the CIO does not breach any of the requirements or rules set out in the Constitution and that it remains true to the charitable purpose and objects set out therein.
  • The Trustees must place safeguarding as a clear priority of the CIO.
  • The Trustees must act with integrity and avoid any personal conflicts of interest or misuse of CIO funds or assets.
  • The Trustees must use charitable funds reasonably, and only in furtherance of the CIO’s objects.
  • The Trustees must avoid undertaking activities that might place the CIO’s funds, assets or reputation at risk.
  • The Trustees must use reasonable care and skill in their work for the CIO to ensure that it is well-run and efficient.
  • The Trustees must regularly review potential risks that the charity may be exposed to, including, but not limited to, all operational, financial, legal, and people matters and keeping an active Risk Register.
  • The Trustees must consider seeking external professional advice on all matters where there may be material risk to the CIO, or where the Trustees may be in breach of their duties.

Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually in May and may be co-opted to the Board during the year. The Trustees meet a minimum of 3 times a year. This may be face to face on online.

The Management Team (CEO and Office Manager) are responsible for the day to day running of the CIO. This includes:

  • All aspects of operational management over all functions
  • Proposing strategies and policies to the Board of Trustees
  • Setting standards within policies laid down by the Trustees
  • Ensuring these standards are maintained

The Management Team report financial and operation matters to the Treasurer each month.

The CEO reports all matters and updates to the Board of Trustees each school term or as required.

In addition to this regular reporting, the Management Team is responsible for alerting the Board of Trustees, in a timely manner, to any issue that might affect the reputation, risk or future of the CIO.

The Management Team members have the following delegated authorities:

  • Authorisation of items of expenditure within the approved budget
  • Authorisation of additional emergency expenditure or expenditure above the agreed budget limits (within each term) up to £1000. Such decisions must be brought to the next meeting of the Trustees for ratification
  • Submission of grant applications
  • Recruitment, training and support of staff and volunteers
  • Production and maintenance of all necessary procedures and processes

Policy Reviewed – October 2023