We are pleased to announce that ABC to read is now a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation).  From 1 January 2020 ABC to read will have a new charity number (which is 1184968) and our bank details will change.

The benefit of becoming a CIO is that it provides a better legal framework for our charity providing greater protection for our Trustees, staff and the schools that we support.

Apart from a change to our charity registration number and bank account details nothing else will change.  Our services, workshops, policies and staff, will continue as before.  Our charitable objects remain the same. Supporters of the current charity will automatically become supporters of the new one. The new CIO will retain the name ABC to read and continue to file its annual return and accounts to the Charity Commission.

A copy of the constitution for ABC to read can be found on our website www.abctoread.org.uk and for further information please refer to Charity Commission Website.

Please amend your records accordingly and if you have any questions please contact us abctoread@btconnect.com

Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support.